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Did We Learn Nothing From The Bush Train Wreck?

The latest round of bad economic news once again has all the prognosticators spelling doom for Obama’s re-election.  And once again, I just don’t get it.  The economy crashed under George Bush, not Barack Obama.  And the fact that the recovery is going so slow (if at all), is a direct consequence of Republican obstructionism in Congress.  Why is this so freakin’ hard for the American public to understand?

This is simple stuff that does not require an Economics degree, or even a college degree of any kind for that matter.  A simple high-school equivalency degree should be more than enough to comprehend.  To wit:

1) Bill Clinton balanced the budget, was actually decreasing the national debt, and under his Presidency we saw the healthiest eight years of economic growth in the history of the country.  How did he do this?  Simple — he increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans and at least held the line on government regulation of business.

2) George Bush then took office, and the budget surplus immediately disappeared, the national debt skyrocketed, the economy crashed, and we experienced the worst eight years of economic stagnation in history outside the Great Depression.  How did he do this?  Simple — he cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and pretty much threw government regulation of business out the window.

So now we are faced with two choices — Obama and at least some semblance to the Clinton strategy, or Romney who would do THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THINGS THAT BUSH DID!  What in the world possesses people that they think going back to the same old policies of tax cuts for the rich and letting megacorporations do whatever they please with no regard for the law is somehow going to have different results than it did eight years ago?  How in the world can anyone other than greedy, self-centered billionaires even consider voting for Romney?  Now I can understand how someone might have some reservations about Obama’s policies, as they certainly are not nearly progressive enough.  But there’s no one to the left of Obama on the ballot.  It’s either Obama or Romney.  Obama offers at least a shot at getting the country through this depression, but a Romney presidency will leave the economy devastated, at least for those of us in the 99%.