Let the world change you... and you can change the world

All The World Over

From Atrios:

For years people have wondered…just what was that euro project all about? I think we’re finding out. Getting rid of democracy.

It’s depressing enough to watch what the 1% are doing to this country — and then you realize, the exact same thing is going on in Europe as well.  In fact, the march toward plutocracy in Europe has pretty much paralleled the U.S. movement.  The Reagan years of 1981-1988 mark the beginning of the takeover of the Republican Party by the rich and big corporations, and it was at that same approximate time that the concept of the Eurozone was being pushed by those same people in Europe.  In fact, the Euro itself was adopted in 1999, the same year that George W. Bush was elected President.  Looking back, those two events marked the beginning of what appears to be the end for democracy in both the U.S. and in most of Europe.  At least in Europe one can see the Eurozone completely imploding, and eventually democracy being restored, but only after a long and painful period of economic depression.  I’m not sure what the answer here in the U.S. is — we may be beyond the point of no return.