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Stuff Happens When You Wage A War

Once again our lame national media is making a big deal out of nothing, catering to the sick whims of the Republican Party in politicizing something that has nothing to do with politics, while totally ignoring the real issue.  This time it’s the “fast and furious” scandal.  Can someone please explain to me why this story is even getting reported at all?  Yes, it was a tragedy that a federal agent was killed in a shootout with some Mexican drug traffickers.  And yes, the whole idea of “gunwalking” sting operations is questionable to begin with.  But the fact that the Mexicans involved in the shootout had some guns that were part of that sting operation is nothing more than ironic, and certainly not scandalous.  Sheez, thanks to the NRA lobby, assault weapons are as easy to buy as a car stereo is.  If you think for a second that those traffickers would not have had any weapons had it not been for the “fast and furious” operation, you are an idiot.  They were going to be armed to the hilt regardless.  Trying to blame this death on a bungled government operation is absurd.

Now there is a lesson to be learned here, but of course no one is even mentioning it.  And that is that anytime you wage a “war”, lots and lots of bad things are going to happen.  That’s the nature of war.  There’s no morality, no ehtics in war — anything goes.  That’s why you end up with prisoners being tortured, innocent citizens being killed in mis-directed drone attacks, individual soldiers going on rampages killing civilians, soldiers being killed by friendly fire, and on and on.  You wage a war, shit happens.  That’s the first rule of waging war.  So when shit does happen, like federal agents getting killed, the issue is not where the weapons came from.  The issue is the war.  The people responsible are the people who started and continue to support the war.  You don’t like what happens as a result of the war, you end the war.  It is that simple.