Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Our Lame Media

Excellent rant from the opening episode of The Newsroom:

This whole concept of “American exceptionalism” is bullshit, and has been for some time. The country has been on a downward path for 30 years, not coincidentally about the time Ronald Reagan got elected. The Republican war on the poor and middle class and their steady march towards plutocracy are a big part of this decline. And one of the big questions is why aren’t more Americans aware of exactly what is happening? As Sorkin is suggesting here (and as I have preached as well), the media is a big part of the problem. But there’s also the issue of whether or not the American public is so brainwashed by right-wing rhetoric that they are incapable of seeing the obvious. Remember, we do live in Idiot Nation. And so, as one of the characters says at the end, it’s about “speaking truth to stupid”. Good luck with that.