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Speaking Of Our Lame Media…..

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act makes for a great followup to my previous post about just how incompetent our current mainstream media are.  Let’s step back and review the entire history of Obama’s health care legislation.  When it was finally patched together as one huge bundle of compromises, there was virtually no discussion whatsoever of whether or not it might be unconstitutional.  You asked anyone about that issue and it was discounted immediately.  Of course it was constitutional.  Highly unpopular with the right wing, yes — but constitutionality wasn’t the issue.

But then after it passed and we began approaching the next Presidential election, the right-wing nutzoids who rule the Republican Party these days, desparate for anything to attack Obama with, hatched this idea that the Supreme Court should disallow the entire act.  Of course, initially, all the “serious thinkers” dismissed this idea as just another “birther” type movement.  But then Fox News jumped on the bandwagon, and surprise, surprise — the mainstream media then started pushing the story.  Instead of calling it what it was — a stupid idea from a bunch of stupid people that had no legitimacy at all — they joined the bandwagon and once again we were having a national debate over a totally ludicrous issue.  Amazing.

From the beginning, this whole story was much ado about nothing.  What went totally unreported is that Big Insurance aka Big Business was 100% behind the ACA.  Why?  For one thing, the mandate was a boondoggle for the insurance industry, adding millions of new customers.  But more importantly, what ACA did was derail the movement for a single payer system aka nationalized health care.  That’s the insurance industry’s worst nightmare, that the U.S. would actually join the rest of the free world and adopt a health care system that would actually work (for its citizens, that is, not for its mega-corporations).  If the Supreme Court throws out ACA, a single-payer system becomes the only other alternative.  So bottom line, the insurance industry wanted desparately for the Court to leave ACA untouched.

Which segues to the other totally unreported aspect of this story.  The Supreme Court, like the legislative branch of government, has become a tool of Big Business.  What do you think Bush v. Gore was all about?  What do you think Citizens United was all about?  Big Business owns this court, and it’s going to rule in favor of business every time.  Why there was ever any doubt about which side the Court would come down on in the ACA ruling was, once again, an artifact of just how lame our national media has become.

All that now remains to be seen is what moronic story line the right wing will drum up next that the media will latch on to.  Idiot Nation is nothing if not predictable.