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I Was Wrong About Mitt Romney

Well, I take back what I said a couple of months ago about Mitt Romney not really being an evil bastard in the Bush-Cheney-Rove mode.  The speech he just gave at the NAACP annual meeting exposes him for what he really is — yet another bigoted, racist, Republican asshole.  The more I think about it, the more outrageous this story gets.  He actually went to the NAACP meeting with the full intent to be booed, and then stood up there at the microphone grinning like Satan himself when he got the reaction he was looking for.  He knows full well he’s not going to get more than a fraction of the African-American vote, so there’s only one plausible explanation for what he was trying to achieve — remind all the racists in the Republican Party that he hates non-whites just as much as they do, that he enjoys confronting them and lecturing them about the way they are expected to behave, and thus proving to the rightest wing of the right-wing Republican Party that he really is “their man”.

This guy really could be an even worse President than George Bush.  With Bush, at least you always had the fallback position that a lot of what he did was just a result of him being a bungling idiot.  But with Romney, you can’t blame stuff like this on stupidity.  He knew exactly what he was doing — he really is that much of a hate-filled, racist bastard.