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Worst Governor In The Universe

OK, I understood the Republican opposition to the Affordable Care Act.  There’s a black man/Muslim/Socialist/Kenyan/whatever in the White House, and they just can’t tolerate that, and so they are going to oppose anything and everything Obama proposes regardless of how much good it does for the country.  But now that the ACA has been given the Supreme Court stamp of approval and it is the law of the land, why do they continue to fight it?  And particularly, why are various Governors now saying that they are going to refuse to take additional Medicaid funds, even though it’s not going to cost them anything at all for the first three years, and after that the cost to them will be a pittance?  This is the height of stupidity.  Your state is getting a HUGE benefit for practically nothing.  Turning that down is a crime against the citizens of that state.

And then there’s Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.  Texas ranks DEAD LAST in health care in the U.S.  And the U.S. ranks DEAD LAST in health care amongst developed countries. That makes Texas the WORST OF THE WORST.  Health care is a disaster in Texas, ACA is offering the state a free pass to improve that situation, and Perry is going to refuse the help?  What a pathetic human being.  What a pathetic state.