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Making Taxes More Fair

Matt Taibbi points out that even with the tax returns that Romney has released, there’s plenty of outrageous info there to go after Romney:

“The years for which he did release returns, he paid a rate that’s less than half of what most ordinary American professionals make – and he thinks that’s ‘fair.'”

Taibbi is right on — this unfairness of our tax system should be one of the top issues of the campaign.  Like it or not, we are in the middle of one huge class war, one that the rich have been winning for 30+ years.  And this election could be the death knell for the middle class in America.  The solution to our economic problems is so painfully simple, it’s embarrassing that you actually have to point it out to people.  You raise taxes on the rich, the government invests that money in things that will make America great again — infrastructure, clean energy, education, and yes most certainly NASA — and you end up with a better country, a better future for younger Americans, a once-again thriving middle class, and all the time the rich are still filthy rich.  Just not obscenely rich.

And don’t tell me that’s not the way it works — I grew up in the 1950’s when the marginal tax rate on the top income group was 91%!  And that period was one of the healthiest overall economic periods in the history of this country.  The middle class thrived, entrepreneurs who worked hard became multimillionaires, you could get a great college education for under $100 per semester, our national infrastructure was world class, and we sent a man to the moon!  There’s no reason we can’t do all that again.  But it’s got to start with a more fair tax code.