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The Elitist Ticket

Paul Ryan, Romney’s choice for VP, epitomizes the question that always surrounds today’s right-wing conservatives — is he really that evil or can he possibly be that stupid?  In Ryan’s case, stupidity doesn’t seem to explain his stances as it does for so many of his tea party compatriots.  But there’s no doubt that his proposed budget and his fiscal ideology are evil — taking from the poor and the needy and the most vulnerable in society and giving to the rich just can’t be described in any other terms than plain “evil”.

But here’s what really irks me about Ryan and his ilk — their justification for what they are doing typically runs along the lines of “we are helping the poor by eliminating their dependence on the government”.  The arrogance and callousness of that boggles the mind.  Yes, there is a very small percentage of people who take advantage of the system and probably don’t deserve the aid they are getting — but those are the exceptions.  And if that’s what you are really concerned about then there are far better ways of fixing that problem than simply cutting aid across the board to everyone who is truly in need.

But what angers me even more is this whole attitude of people like Ryan and Romney and Bush and Cheney and all the wealthy, right-wingers that somehow the only thing that separates them from the homeless vet suffering from PTSD and forced to beg for handouts on the street corner is the fact that they worked harder, that the homeless and the poor have only themselves to blame for their situation in life.  For ass holes like Ryan and Romney, the mental and physical skills you were born with, the environment into which you were born and grew up, have nothing to do with success in life — all you have to do is “work hard” and you, too, can be a multimillionaire.  Or so they claim — but surely they can’t be that stupid.  I’ve known a lot of very rich, successful people in my life time, and I can guarantee you that hard work had 10%, maybe 20% at most, to do with their success.  The rest is due to the mental and physical abilities they were born with, the environment they grew up in, and for most of them, plain old luck, being at the right place at the right time, also played a non-trivial role.

I would love to see someone ask Romney or Ryan, if you had been born with say an IQ of 70 to a single African American mother in Detroit’s ghetto, do you really believe you would still have ended up as wealthy and successful as you are today?  The answer of course is that no, they would never have made it in life, and more than likely today they would be on that same street corner as the homeless vet, also looking for handouts.

The Romney-Ryan ticket is an insult to anyone with any sense of compassion, any understanding that the only difference between them and the poor and needy is due almost entirely to circumstances beyond their control.  If you’re rich and think your success is all due to your hard work, you are one fucking asshole.