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Ryan Budget = FAIL

Nothing summarizes the current Republican Party and their vision for America better than the Ryan budget plan (I guess it’s now the Romney-Ryan plan?).  It’s the same old crap that Reagan and George Bush I sold us — and we all know how that turned out, with two of the biggest increases in the national debt in the history of the country.  You can’t cut taxes (less money coming in), keep current entitlements the same, and increase defense spending (more money going out) — and somehow magically cut the national debt.  Admittedly it gets somewhat complicated in the details, but overall this is fourth grade math.  And that math just does not work — 2+2 does not equal 3.  What will happen, guaranteed, is that it will shift still more wealth to the already wealthy, and make the middle class poor and the poor poorer, and on top of that lead to yet higher deficits.

The ONLY way to solve the national debt problem is to do just what Bill Clinton did — you raise taxes on the very richest Americans (that’s money coming in), and then you use that money in government stimulus programs which put more people to work and thus paying more in taxes (again, money coming in).  Once the economic multiplier kicks in (newly employed people buying new stuff that private enterprise must make, and so companies start hiring more people, who buy more new stuff, meaning more new hires in the private sector who are buying new stuff, and on and on), the government scales back.  And what you end up with is a healthy economy with lots of people employed paying lots of taxes.

See the difference there?  Republican plan is less money coming in and more money going out = bigger deficits.  Democratic plan is more money coming in and more money coming in = smaller deficits.  This is not rocket science.

It’s going to be interesting to watch Romney and Ryan try to sell their scam to the American voters.  Ultimately there will be a lot of outright lying (we’ve already seen a lot of that), along with a lot of obfuscation.  But in the end the math is quite simple — their plan does not compute.  The question is whether it’s simple enough for Idiot Nation to grasp.