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More Republican Double Talk

This whole kerfuffle over Republican Todd Akin’s inane justification for opposing abortions even in the case of rape is missing the entire point.  Who cares what this moron uses as his rationale for opposing abortion with no exceptions?  He’s your typical right-wing idiot who never lets science and facts get in the way of what he believes. That’s hardly news these days. The relevant point here is that he’s opposed to abortions for rape victims.  That makes him no different than Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney (depending on what day of the week it is), and the majority of Republicans.  And that’s what is reprehensible.  Don’t attack Akin for how he justifies his position — he’s an idiot, he can’t help that — but attack him for the position itself, which is the mainstream Republican position.  You can’t attack Akin but then defend his position. His position on the issue is what is outrageous and can not be justified in any form.