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Birther Romney

Mitt Romney’s recent shout out to the “birthers” shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Race baiting is a major part of his campaign — hardly a week goes by that there’s not a dog whistle to racist Americans.  That’s clearly what’s behind his continual race-related welfare attacks. His comments to the NAACP in July are yet another example.  But what I find particularly reprehensible about this is there’s really nothing to be gained from any of this.  The Republican Party locked up the racist vote a long time ago — there’s no need to court them anymore.  All this race baiting does is just stir up the bigots and divide the nation even further.  But then, ultimately I guess that is the strategy of the Republican Party.  After all, they could care less about a “united” country that believes in the common good for everyone.  It’s all about the privileged and the wealthy — they are the only people that matter to the Republican Party.