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Making Cheney-Bush Look Good

This is pretty fucking incredible — via TPM, comments from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican Party convention:

Blitzer: So there he is, the republican vice presidential nominee and his beautiful family there. His mom is up there. This is exactly what this crowd of republicans here certainly republicans all across the country were hoping for. He delivered a powerful speech. Erin, a powerful speech. Although I marked at least seven or eight points I’m sure the fact checkers will have some opportunities to dispute if they want to go forward, I’m sure they will. As far as mitt romney’s campaign is concerned, paul ryan on this night delivered.

Burnett: That’s right. Certainly so. We were jotting down points. There will be issues with some of the facts. But it motivated people. He’s a man who says I care deeply about every single word. I want to do a good job. And he delivered on that. Precise, clear, and passionate.

By Blitzer’s own account, the nominee for Vice President told at least eight outrageous lies, and somehow that’s OK because that’s what the crowd was hoping for?  Isn’t the headline story here “Republican Vice Presidential Nominee is Pathological Liar”?  Shouldn’t the lede here be that Ryan is a serial liar who is not fit to hold any public office?  And shouldn’t the main story line be what a disaster it would be for this country if these two guys somehow got elected?

During the Bush administration, I thought that surely that would be the low point for America, that if we somehow survived those eight years (and by no means do I think we have indeed survived Cheney-Bush, the jury is still very much out on that), that we would never, ever have a White House so totally dishonest, so incapable of even coming within shouting distance of the truth.  And yet here we are, just four years removed from that horror story, and the Republican Party has nominated two people that make Cheney-Bush look like total amateurs when it comes to practicing their art of dishonesty and deception.  That any American with an ounce of integrity could even consider voting for these hooligans is disturbing.  Please tell me that there are enough decent people left in this country that Obama will end up winning in a landslide.