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Calling Out The Lying Liars

I’ve enjoyed watching Bill Maher’s political/comedy talk show, Real Time, for many years.  Maher is obviously a liberal, but to his credit he always makes an attempt at being truly “fair and balanced” by having a panel which typically consists of a liberal, a moderate, and a true conservative.  But one of the things that would always piss me off while watching the show is the way Maher would so often let the conservative on the panel get away with lies.  Now most of the conservatives he usually has on are of the smarter variety, and they know better than to make outrageous lies.  But instead, often what they would do in trying to defend their position is cite some obscure “fact” that justified their view, and it would be just obscure enough that no one could challenge it in real time, and so Maher and the others would typically let it go.  Of course after the show when you fact checked what they had said, sure enough it was either a major misrepresentation of the facts, or more likely an outright lie.  But the show would be long over, and so the conservative had gotten away with the lie.  Really not much Maher could do about it.

However, while watching last week’s show, Maher seems to have reached a breaking point with all the dishonesty of his conservative guests and is starting to call out the liars right then and there.  A great example is the clip below where he rips several new assholes on the author of the right-wing documentary 2016: Obama’s America.  The film is typical right-wing trash with one lie after another and total disregard for facts and reality.  So it makes for an easy target, and Maher spared no mercy.  Kudos — I hope he keeps it up.  It’s way beyond time to stop playing nice with the assholes that comprise the conservative movement these days.