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Eleven Years And Still No Justice In Sight

Yet another 9/11 anniversary is being observed, and still not a single person in the Bush administration has even been charged with incompetence and complicity that led to that attack.  But maybe there’s still hope, as slowly over the years more and more details are emerging showing just how guilty the entire Bush White House was of pretty much allowing that attack to happen just to further their political agenda, and give them an excuse to invade Iraq — which after all was their number one, all-consuming objective when they entered the White House.  All this was pretty obvious to me some three years ago.  And on this year’s anniversary Kurt Eichenwald has a pretty good summary  of what we now know.  As the years go on, and more documents are declassified, we’ll continue to learn more, and no doubt it will be more and more damning.  But will Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove and all the other criminals that are ultimately responsible for the deaths of so may thousands of Americans, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of people in the Mid East who have also died because of their crimes, will they ever be prosecuted and held accountable for their atrocities?  Sadly, the answer is no.