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Stupid Vs. Evil, Economists Version

Krgthulu via Atrios:

What you really have to wonder about is all the not-stupid economists who have aligned themselves with this guy and that crew. Probably they imagine that once the election is past sensible economics will return. But the odds are that they are wrong, and that they’re sacrificing their own credibility to put charlatans and cranks in the driver’s seat.

Once again we have the eternal question that the right wing begs — could they be that stupid or are they just plain evil?  Only in this case, as Krugman notes, these people are not stupid by any stretch.  In fact, this is not all that dissimilar from the climate change “debate”.  The facts support one and only one conclusion, yet many supposedly smart people deny those facts for whatever reasons, which seem to me to always fall in the category of greed.  Just like they fear the remote possibility that climate change remediation might hurt them financially, they also fear that Keynesian solutions to the economic crisis might halt or at least slow down the massive accumulation of wealth by the richest Americans that’s been ongoing for 20+ years.  It always seems to come down to money with these people — to hell with America and it’s future, never mind the suffering of the poor and the middle class — as long as they are getting richer and richer, that’s all that matters.