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Mitt Romney – Worst Person In The World

So Mitt Romney has now outed himself as a callous, arrogant ego-maniac who views 47% of Americans as worthless grifters who are too lazy to support themselves and instead live the easy life off government welfare.  Now this is hardly news to anyone who has been paying any attention at all to the Republican Party over the last 15+ years — heck, Romney was just echoing exactly what I said a month ago.  For the most part the public reaction to this video has been to point out how the vast majority of those 47% are indeed not grifters, but people who have paid or will pay income taxes at some point in their lifetime, but just happen to be at a point where they have no real income coming in (i.e., students, retired people, and people who are simply temporarily unemployed due to the miserable economy).  And that in and of itself certainly is a good indictment of what a moronic, callous, bigoted asshole Romney is.

But the other thing that comes out in the video that is not getting as much attention is the arrogant superiority complex that Romney has, this notion that the only thing that separates his success from the failures of these 47% is the fact that he worked hard and they didn’t.  This is what pisses me off more than anything else.  For him to say that he “inherited nothing”, that the only “silver spoon” he was born with was simply the country he was born in, that if he had been “born of Mexican parents” he would be in a better position — that’s the part of the video that I find so outrageous.  This guy grew up in an affluent suburb, his father was a multi-millionaire CEO of a major American corporation, he attended a ritzy private prep school, and went to an elite ivy league university.  He really thinks all that had zero to do with his success in life?  He really wants us to believe that he would have ended up being as wealthy and successful as he is today had be been born to illegal immigrant migrant workers from Mexico?  What a disgusting human being.