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Romney’s Mess

Matt Taibbi claims this Presidential race should never have been close in the first place because of (1) the incompetence of the Democratic Party and (2) the media’s continual misrepresentation of the American population as being equally split on ideological lines.  Hopefully he’s not hexing us here with his assumption that this race is pretty much over, but that aside, I can’t really hold the Democratic Party nor the media all that responsible.  Well, maybe the media, but as long as the media are run by megacorporations there’s not much you can do about that.  They are in it for the money, facts and reality be damned.  That’s the nature of that beast.

But rather than fault the Democrats, it seems to me this is more a case of the Republican Party self-destructing.  As I noted early in the campaign, the Republican Party these days is made up of three very disparate groups — racists, religious extremists, and plutocrats.  A big part of George Bush’s success was that he had all the dog whistles to the racists down to a fine art form (well, until outed by Kanye West anyway), played very well to the religious right (“God told me to invade Iraq”), while at the same time quietly pushing a 100% plutocratic agenda (“Some people call you the elite; I call you my base”).  The bigots and religious extremists all got taken for a ride by the wealthy.  But in the post-Bush years that alliance has fallen apart, which is exactly what we saw in the primaries.  The racists and the religious extremists were doing everything they could to stop a Romney nomination.  And yet here we are with Mittens as the candidate — and he’s really the anti-Bush.  He’s certainly not a racist, as he has clearly shown that he has nothing but contempt for anyone who is worth less than a million dollars, regardless of their race or nationality.  And as for the religious angle — Romney believes God lives on the planet Kolob.  That has to give the religious folks pause, to say the least.  Time and again, Romney makes it very clear that he cares only for the 1%, and the rest of us exist only to serve them.  And that just ain’t playing well with the other two branches of the Republican Party, many of whom are in the 47% that Romney detests so much.

If this election does turn into a rout — still a big IF in my opinion — it’s going to be because these other two groups just didn’t get on board with Romney’s vision of America, a system of corporate feudalism run for and by the wealthy.  And when/if that happens, it will be interesting to see what then happens to the Republican Party.  But let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.