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The Hypocrisy Of “Compassionate” Conservatives

From Atrios:

The other thing which enrages me are heartwarming local interest stories about a community and friends who got together and figured out how to raise the $180,000 needed to keep somebody’s kid from dying of cancer or whatever. That people do this is heartwarming, that it is necessary means we’re monsters.

I couldn’t agree more.  Every time I hear some conservative patting themselves on the back for how generous they are with their charitable donations to the poor and the underprivileged, I want to puke.  The only reason the need for charity exists in the first place is because these same “charity givers” are supporting a political system that guarantees that there will be a lot of poor and needy people!  If they would support a progressive system that addressed the common good, a system that represented the 99% as well as it does the 1%, you wouldn’t need the charity in the first place.  The hypocrisy of these people is sickening — they support a system that leaves 15 million children living in poverty, but donate their time and money to some charity that will take care of a handful of poor children, and they think they have done their share, when in fact they aren’t even making a dent in the problem.  Why not just support a progressive system in the first place, one that will solve the poverty problem for everyone?  There would still be plenty of other good causes for them to donate time and money to.  But the reality is that these conservative do-gooders aren’t really all that interested in solving problems, they’re only interested in giving the appearance that they are “compassionate” while hoarding as much wealth as possible for themselves, and the rest of society be damned.