Let the world change you... and you can change the world

Different Visions

In retrospect, it’s not very surprising that Obama got whupped up on so bad in the debates.  As the old saw goes, “nice guys finish last”.  And this was clearly a case of a very nice guy (Obama) up against the school yard bully who loves kicking sand in people’s faces and beating up on people (Romney).  And I can’t imagine the next debates going any different.  Romney will continue to lie and make things up out of the clear blue, and Obama will at best just meekly challenge him, rather than call him out for the monster that he really is.

Hopefully in the end, it won’t matter, and the American people will see that regardless of who wins or loses the debates, there’s a far more significant issue in play here.  And that is, even as Romney himself has said many times, what is the vision that you want for this country?  And that’s a very clear choice for Americans.

Obama’s vision is for a country where all children grow up with a roof over their heads, with enough to eat, have access to the best K-12 education in the world, and regardless of economic or ethnic background have the exact same opportunity to be successful as all other children.  A country where everyone regardless of economic status has access to quality health care.  A country where everyone can retire at a decent age and live comfortably as senior citizens.  In other words, a system that works for the common good of all citizens, not just the wealthy.

Then we have Romney’s dystopian vision for the country, where only the wealthy live oomfortably, where 47% of the population live lives of servitude and the rest of the 99% grovel at the feet of the 1%.  Where your shot at success is limited by the environment in which you were born, and by the natural skill sets and abilities with which you were born.  In short, a return to medieval feudalism.

Given these two polar opposite visions for the country, I would trust that the majority of Americans would prefer Obama’s vision for themselves and particularly their children — regardless of how poor a debater he might be.