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This Election Can’t Be Over Soon Enough

What a boring Presidential race this is turning out to be over the stretch run.  For Obama, it’s just been a steady pattern of defending his record, which all things considered is pretty remarkable.  And for Romney, it’s just one long stream of pulling stuff out of his ass, saying whatever he thinks will get him elected, with total disregard for facts and reality.  The media should be having a field day with Romney’s lies and distortions, but that would require a time machine taking us back to the days when the media actually showed some responsibility.

At this point, probably the scariest thing about a potential Romney presidency is that we have no earthly idea what his policies really would be, as he’s been all over the board on almost every single issue.  Whatever he might end up doing, though, you can rest assured that wealthy white folks will benefit, and the rest of us will suffer.  That’s about the only given that I can see.

But fortunately a Romney presidency just ain’t going to happen, at least if you believe the prognostications of Nate Silver — which I most certainly do.  I’ve been following Silver’s work for many years, going back to his work as a sabermetrician (fancy word for baseball statistical nerd) at Baseball Prospectus.  When it comes to statistics and predictions, he’s as good as it gets.  And right now he’s got Obama at a 70% or better chance of winning, so it looks like the good old U.S. may survive as a democracy for at least another four years.

All this said, though, it does occur to me that this nasty hurricane that’s brewing out in the Atlantic and which is due to hit the East coast some time Monday could end up being a significant factor in the election.  Predictions are for massive flooding and wind damage, along with widespread power outages.  If these predictions do come true, Sandy is going to dominate the headlines for the week prior to the election.  Now you have to believe that the Obama administration is gearing up for an emergency response that will wow everyone.  And at the same time, given the way Romney showed no shame at all in politicizing the tragic emabassy attack in Libya, you know he will be attacking the Obama administration on their handling of this storm, regardless of how it turns out.  Mitt has no shame, that’s just the way he is.  So this campaign could easily end on a very, very ugly note.