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Guns In Idiot Nation

Here we go again, with yet another national conversation about gun control, gun rights, a “culture of violence”,  or whatever your choice of theme is in order to avoid the real issue.  This is Idiot Nation at it’s finest lunacy.  We have the worst health care system in the developed world, and part of that is a mental health system that is a total failure.  Combine that with the worst system of gun control in the developed world, and the tragedy that happened in Connecticut is pretty much predictable.  Similar mass killings will continue to happen with more and more frequency.  And we as a nation will continue to have these “conversations” over and over, accomplishing nothing.

No other country in the world has mass shootings at the rate that we do.  And all the other devloped countries have decent access to mental health care for all citizens, and gun laws that insure that guns are never, ever used to kill people.  So how about implementing a national health care system like everyone else has, and gun laws like everyone else has?  It is that freakin’ simple.  If you can’t see that, you are an Idiot.