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Silly Solutions To Silly Problems

This whole discussion of minting a trillion dollar coin would be very funny, if it were not for the fact that the problem it would solve is very serious.  On the one hand, it’s obviously a “silly” solution to the debt-ceiling problem, one that would never be considered by a rational country.  But then again, right now with Idiot Nation still controlling half of Congress, we are hardly a rational country.  Trying to make the debt ceiling an issue about government spending is ridiculous.  It’s about the U.S. paying it’s bills, bills that have already been accrued.  Refusing to raise the limit would be akin to a household refusing to pay their electricity bill, while at the same time expecting the electric company to keep providing them with electricity.  But that’s where we are today with the Republican Party — they can’t understand the most basic of financial concepts.  You can’t negotiate with total idiots, you have to come up with ways to run the country that totally sidesteps them.  And so the platinum coin actually does make sense when you have to run a country rampant with idiots.