Let the world change you... and you can change the world

The Drift To Idiot Nation

Just finished Drift by Rachel Maddow (highly recommended, BTW), and one of the things that struck me is just how far in to bozo land the Republican Party has “drifted” (that’s not the “drift” Maddow is referring to, but it fits just the same) over the last 30+ years.  Today we look back on the Reagan years and think of them as being pretty benign, with Reagan being an all-things-considered not such a bad President.  But reading Maddow’s account of those years, I’m reminded that no — that’s not the way things were back then.  Reagan was a mean-spirited man, a war-monger, someone with no morals nor ethics at all, with no respect for the law.  The only reason we look back at him as being an “OK” president is because of the total disaster that the Bush II administration was.  It’s only relative to the monsters that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al were that we see Reagan as being somewhat “acceptable”.  And now incredibly, you don’t hear much bad being said of Bush and company, because relative to the current crop of imbeciles that control the House of Representatives, much of what they did pales in comparison.  In a just world, Reagan would have certainly been impeached, and many of the top people in the Bush administration would be doing significant time in prison.  But by the standards of today’s Republican Party, all of them somehow seem less horrific than they actually were.   And as bad as the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations were, that’s saying a hell of a lot.