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Whatever Happened To Good Old Common Sense?

As I often chronicle here, we indeed do live in Idiot Nation, which can be quite depressing when you think about it.  But then you watch a discussion between Paul Krugman and Joe Scarborough and you see an even more depressing side of Idiot Nation.  Scarborough is certainly no idiot, but then he certainly is clueless when it comes to macro economics.  Now there’s nothing wrong with that — advanced economics can be a bit complicated, and unless you take the time to study it, you will be ignorant of how the economy works at the national and global levels.  And that’s OK — simply acknowledge that you are clueless and let people like Krugman who do understand economics explain things to you.  Just nod your head and agree — there’s nothing wrong with that.  Hell, I’ll bet whenever Scarborough goes to his doctor, he hears a lot of explanations and recommendations that he doesn’t really understand, and yet he has no problem abiding by what his doctor tells him.  So why is it that he can’t do the same thing with macro economics?  It’s another form of idiocy that’s in many ways worse than the intellectually challenged.  People like Scarborough are smart enough to know what they don’t know, and yet they don’t.

And then last night while watching The Daily Show, I was reminded of yet another form of idiocy that seems to dominate our culture — and this time it comes from none other than Jon Stewart, a fire-breathing liberal if there ever was one.  Al Gore is the guest, and Stewart is criticizing his recent sale of his Current TV network to Al Jazeera.  Granted, at first glance, the sale might seem somewhat hypocritical in a “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” way, but then once you think about it, not only was it not hypocritical even in the slightest way, but a very good business move.  Good for Al Gore, good for the climate movement, good for American journalism — a win-win all around.  I won’t repeat Gore’s arguments here — watch the video for yourself.  But incredibly, a man as smart as Stewart, somehow can’t see facts and reality.  Somehow the notion that Al Jazeera is located in a country that happens to be the home of some big, bad oil companies short-circuits Stewart’s brain and he just stops using common sense.

If living in Idiot Nation weren’t bad enough, we also have way too many people who are in fact smart and knowledgeable, but who end up behaving like idiots nonetheless.  The Singularity can’t get here fast enough!