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Where Are The Kick-Ass Democrats?

Great clip on the evening news last night of Joe Kennedy defending himself thanking Hugo Chavez for helping provide heating oil to many New Englanders who could not otherwise afford it.

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This is typical right-wing bullshit.  American corporations ripping off consumers, causing widespread suffering, but that’s OK because it’s all capitalism and free markets and America We’re No. 1!  But then compassionate people step in to help and it’s oh no, that’s big bad socialism and Joe Kennedy hates America.  Sheez.

But what this clip reminded me of is how we really need more politicians like Joe Kennedy who are willing to step up and call out conservatives as being the evil bastards that they really are.  Too many middle-class Americans are silently sitting by while the Republican Party slowly but methodically destroys their economic lives, not even realizing what is going on.  I was hoping that a second-term Obama would be more kick-ass in his dealings with these slimeballs, but now that the so-called Sequester has been instituted with only whimpers coming out of the White House, I’m starting to have my doubts.

Right now I just don’t see how anything good can happen to the economy over the next two years at least, not with the Republican War on the Middle Class going full throttle, and Obama and the Democrats still trying to play nice guy with these assholes.  Maybe something will happen in the Congressional elections in 2014?  Will the vast middle class finally wake up and realize what the Republican Party is doing to them?

The only light I can see at the end of the tunnel is Hillary Clinton.  Which is what the Kennedy clip above reminded me of.  I’m convinced Hillary would be a kick-ass-and-take-no-prisoners leader, exactly what we are going to need in four years.  That’s assuming that there’s still a glimmer of democracy left, and we haven’t reverted to full out corporate feudalism by then.