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Makes You So Proud To Be A Texan

Speaking of the disaster that was the Bush Administration, apparently the move to rename part of Central Expressway in Dallas to George W. Bush Expressway is proceeding full speed ahead.  When I first read of this I thought surely this was a satire piece from The Onion.  But no, this is Texas where brains and common sense tend to be pretty rare.  Exactly what is going through a person’s mind when they think about honoring George Bush for his presidency?  Here’s a quick recap of the highlights of his administration:

  • worst terrorist attack in the country’s history
  • worst man-made disaster in the country’s history
  • worst financial crisis in the country’s history
  • most disastrous war in the country’s history
  • second-worst economic depression in country’s history

Now to be fair, we should list all the positives that also happened:

  • nothing

Worst President EverYep, eight straight years of nothing but one train wreck after another.  Well, if you are rich and the only thing in the world you care about is how much money you have, then I guess you would chalk up his tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans as being a positive.  But then you’d have to be one self-centered, uncaring, stupid asshole to really think in the grand scheme of things that ended up being a positive.

So there you have it — we as a country would have literally been better off turning the White House over to a fourth-grade class in Topeka, Kansas than we were with Bush-Cheney.  And yet, the Texas legislature is looking for ways to “honor” George Bush.  To the credit of the national Republican Party, they do seem to be doing everything in their power to distance themselves from those dreadful eight years.  But here in Texas, Republicans are a very special class of Village Idiots.