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Legalizing Murder

If you are carrying a gun and start a fight and someone dies, you are guilty of murder, period. Doesn’t matter what might have happened in the fight and who might have gotten the upper hand. You started the fight and you were the one that brought the gun to the fight. Ergo, you are guilty. You can’t possibly come up with any other conclusion.

How the fuck does the jury get this so wrong? The facts about who instigated the altercation and who brought the gun to the fight were not even disputed. So there was nothing to be decided. Guilty, as charged. Should have taken them all of two minutes to conclude that. Could the jury have been that fucking stupid? Yeah, this is Idiot Nation after all, but still….. you gotta believe there was a huge dose of racism going on in that jury room. Stupidity goes only so far here.

So basically what this verdict says is that if I want to kill you, all I have to do is buy a gun, start a fight with you, and then when you fight back, I can blow your brains out and walk away scot-free. That is not an exaggeration in the slightest. Beyond the stupidity and racism, this whole affair illustrates just how fucked up our gun laws are. Absolutely nothing good comes from gun ownership. ALL GUNS should be outlawed other than for the sport of hunting — and in those cases, gun ownership should be highly restricted and regulated. It’s what every other civilized country in the world does.

We remain one very, very sick society.