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Idiot Media For Idiot Nation

Once again we are seeing a massive FAIL on the part of the national media in how this government shutdown is being handled.  How can this possibly be portrayed as anything other than blackmail by the Republican Party?  Here are the facts — Republicans have attempted to pass legislation to defund the Affordable Care Act on 42 separate occasions, only to have those bills ultimately fail every single time.  Clearly the U.S. Congress wants no part of that, and poll after poll shows that Americans are quite happy to at least let ACA get started as is.

So given that they can’t derail ACA using legitimate means, they are now refusing to fund the government unless their demands are met.  Please someone tell me how this is any different from some thug kidnapping a person and demanding a ransom before that person will be released?  It’s not kinda like that, it’s EXACTLY like that.  The Republican Party is holding the entire country hostage, demanding that ACA be defunded as their ransom.

How can anyone in the legitimate media portray this any other way?  This is blackmail, pure and simple.