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The Idiot National Media In Idiot Nation

Ever since Edward Snowden started exposing details of exactly what the NSA was doing some six months ago, we have been subjected to incredulously naive and stupid reporting by our national media. There’s been faux outrage from both Republicans and Democrats, from conservatives to liberals. Of course the Obama-hating Tea Baggers have been leading the attack. And the national media just goes right along with it, echoing all the nonsense.

There’s only one minor problem with all this outrage — the NSA is doing EXACTLY what Congress told them to do when it passed the Bush-Cheney inspired Patriot Act in 2001, which was renewed and even expanded on by Congress in 2007 and 2012. If you don’t like what the NSA is doing, they aren’t the ones that are at fault. It’s the Patriot Act that’s the issue. Gawd is this Idiot Nation at it’s shining best. Repeal the friggin’ Patriot Act if you don’t like being spied on, don’t blame the people you hired and told to do it!

And while we’re getting rid of the Patriot Act, how about we pass some more legislation that bans all the major networks from broadcasting any news shows, and requires them instead to carry The Daily Show in the news slot? In six months of this totally irresponsible news reporting, Jon Stewart is the only one to get this story correct.