Let the world change you... and you can change the world

I Watched The News Today Oh Boy

On the evening news last night the two lead stories were the shootout at LAX and the latest cut in the food stamps program, and it occurred to me that this is the way it goes every day, day in and day out, here in good old America. It’s been almost a year since the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and nothing, absolutely nothing has been done to curb gun violence. It just continues on, getting worse and worse, killing more people. And no doubt that the answer to this latest episode will be to put more guns in the hands of more people. The stupidity, it burns.

And then there was the story on food stamps benefits cuts. Here we are in the “greatest, wealthiest country on Earth” and yet one in seven Americans are on food stamps, and an incredible one in four children rely on food stamps. We’re in the middle of the second worst economic period in the history of the country, and we’re doing nothing, absolutely nothing to improve the situation. In fact, just like with our reaction to gun violence, we are actually making the situation far worse by failing to pass any significant stimuli programs and instead slashing spending and shutting down the government. And if that weren’t enough, we make matters still even worse by cutting programs designed to help the poor. This goes beyond stupid — it’s callous, it’s cruel, it reeks of selfishness on the part of those that are still doing well.

Is this what American exceptionalism is all about? Exceptionally stupid, exceptionally violent, exceptionally cruel, exceptionally mean-spirited? Maybe I need to just stop watching the news.