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Evil Or Stupid?

The perennial question about today’s Republican Party is whether they are as stupid as they seem, or are they just basically evil people? On many issues it’s easy to argue either way. For example, economic issues generally require some basic understanding of Macro Economics 101, which typically is not on the resume of your average American. So, for example, failure to grasp the need for significant stimulus programs with today’s sluggish economy is somewhat understandable. And so millions of people suffer because of Republican obstructionism on economic issues. Whether they are just being evil or they are too stupid to understand how economics works, who really knows?

But then there’s the current kerfuffle over the Affordable Care Act. We’ve got millions of Americans and one in four children going without proper health care, and 40,000 Americans dying every year because they don’t have access to health care. Among developed countries, we rank at the bottom in both quality and cost of health care — we’ve got one of the worst systems in the world, AND one of the most expensive. Only in America. So clearly this is a problem of epic proportions, one that you can’t possibly be stupid enough not to comprehend. Now you may not like the ACA for whatever reasons, but it is at least a step in the right direction, it at least makes an attempt to solve the problem. But the Republicans oppose it, and at the same time offer up no alternatives at all. They are fine with the system as is. Fine with thousands and thousands of people dying and suffering. And that’s just plain evil. There’s no other explanation.