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Once Again, We’re In Bizarro World

Bizarro WorldThis whole Ukraine story reads like something right out of Bizarro World.  Although it’s been mostly overlooked by the mainstream media, the fact is that the President of Ukraine was democratically elected in what appears to have been a very fair election.  So when he gets ousted by a bunch of armed revolutionaries in the street, that’s an unconstitutional takeover, a textbook definition of coup d’etat, no?  So you would think that the good old USofA, the world’s grand defender of democracy, would be coming to his defense and trying to restore him to his rightful position, right?  But no — it’s Vladimir Putin of all people, archenemy of the free world and most wanted on the list of human rights violators, who steps in to defend democracy in the Ukraine!  WTF????

Then when Putin started sending in troops, the responses got even more weird.  First you had mostly liberal pols blasting Russia for intervening militarily.  Are you kidding me?  What Russia is doing is not kinda, sorta like what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan — it’s EXACTLY like what we did there.  Thanks to Cheney-Bush, America has totally lost the high ground when it comes to intervening in other countries.  Just STFU.  And then to make matters even more hilarious, you had the John McCain wing of the ding bat party jumping up and down wanting to go to war with Russia!  Wow, to think this guy was the Republican nominee for President just six years ago.  Scary stuff.

Finally as things got sorted out, though, it became apparent that this whole crisis was an economic one, that had nothing to do with democracy.  But then why is this not surprising?  In this day and age, everything everywhere pretty much comes down to money regardless of what your politics are.  Turns out that the Ukrainian president preferred economic ties to Russia, while the rebels preferred the European Union.  And that’s what the whole mess is about.  What I still can’t figure out is why the Ukraine can’t do business with both Russia and the West?  Lord knows every other major country in the world these days will do business with any other country regardless of what their politics are — like I said, it’s all about the money, period.

But what is really bizarre about this whole episode is watching all the right-wing nuts in the Republican Party and at Fox News singing the praises of Putin.  Sheez, folks, you do realize that Putin is the leader of one of the most oppressive states in the world today, no?  I thought you all were the “freedom lovers”?  And yet you idolize a guy like Vladimir Putin?  You folks really do live in Bizarro World.