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Give Me Your Rich, Your Privileged, Your Huddled Plutocrats

You gotta love the crap that’s coming out of the right-wing love fest known as CPAC.  So the way to eliminate poverty is to take benefits away from the poor and give the saved money to the rich via tax cuts.  That’ll teach ’em a lesson — get off your butt and get a (second or third) job and work 80+ hours a week and you too can end up being a Wall Street gazillionaire.  It’s that easy!  USA, USA, USA!

Never mind the fact that U6 unemployment is still well above 12% and thus for many people there just aren’t any jobs available.  Never mind the fact that with today’s minimum wage even if you are working 60 hours a week at multiple jobs, you still are living at below the poverty level.  Never mind the fact that our educational system has fallen so far behind that many of the poor don’t have the skills needed to land a decent job.  Never mind the fact that our health care system is so bad that many of the poor are not in good enough physical shape to get a regular job.  No, none of that matters at all to these right-wing idiots.

All of this reminds me of the real problem I have with today’s conservatives.  Why can’t they just stand up and say “Hey, I’m selfish, I’m materialistic, I’m greedy, and I really don’t care about anyone other than my family and my friends”?  Hell, those are just values, really no different than saying you prefer rock music to country or you like living in the city versus the suburbs.  There’s no right or wrong here — it’s just the way you as an individual prioritize things in your life and what your individual preferences are.  So why not just proclaim your greed and selfishness, and then proceed to endorse these right-wing ideas about taking from the poor and giving to the rich?  If these folks would be honest about all this, I would have no problem with their conservative philosophy — heck, I’d admire them for sticking up for what they believe in.

But of course the problem here is with our national heritage of Christianity, which alas teaches that those values are in fact “sins”.  And so Conservatives find themselves in a quandary — as so-called Christians they can’t up and confess to their greed and selfishness.  So instead they come up with these moronic ideas about how to deal with the poor and less fortunate.  “Oh, I’m a Christian so that’s proof enough that I care about others and don’t worship money.”  What bullshit.

Come on folks, Jesus Christ was a card-carrying Socialist.  That’s not up for debate.  So if you call yourself a Christian, your politics have to be way out there in liberal land.  Other wise you are nothing but a hypocrite.