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Liberals and Big Business and The Very Rich

I’m not sure how much of this comment by Atrios about Hillary Clinton doing the bidding of big corporations is “snark”, but I have no problem whatsoever with politicians helping out big business like this. Conservatives love to paint liberals as being “anti-business”, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are all “Team USA”, and helping corporations to thrive benefits all of us. The difference here is in the phrase “all of us”. Liberals want to insure that everyone benefits from a society dominated by business, whereas conservatives are fine with those benefits going mainly to the big shot executives and owners while letting the rest of society fight over the scraps they leave behind. That’s a huge difference that seems to fly right over the head of a lot of Americans. Liberals are not “anti-capitalism”. All we want is a government that is strong enough to make sure that capitalism works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

The same can be said about the oft-heard conservative rant that liberals hate the rich and that they want their wealth to be equally shared by all and therefore they are all dirty Socialists. And again, nothing could be further from the truth. As far as I’m concerned as a liberal, the wealthy can accumulate as much money as their little hearts desire. They can have as many McMansions and yachts and summer homes and car elevators that they want. But only after we as a nation have provided for all our citizens, making sure that all Americans have a roof over their heads, enough to eat, and access to decent health care, that all American children get the best K-12 education in the world, and that all America’s youth can afford some type of college education if they so choose. Once we’ve provided for this, the “common good”, then I certainly don’t give a rat’s ass how many billions of dollars the likes of Donald Trump and the Koch brothers might have. And there’s certainly enough wealth in this country to do everything I’ve listed, and still have more than enough for the 1% to live their lives of luxury.