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This Week In Idiot Nation

Let’s ponder some facts about the events of the last several weeks.  If Philando Castile had not been carrying a gun when stopped by police in Minnesota he quite likely would be alive today.  If Alton Sterling had not been carrying a gun when confronted by police in Louisiana he quite likely would be alive today.  If Micah Johnson didn’t have a gun, those five Dallas police officers would be alive today.  If Gavin Eugene Long didn’t have a gun, those three Baton Rouge police officers would be alive today.

See a pattern here?  Citizens carrying guns is what instigated all four of these terrible incidents.  You take the guns out of the situation, and there are no deaths.  Seems so obvious, and yet no one in the media seems to have made the connection.  It’s all about “senseless violence” and how we must as a nation “come together” and how we must eliminate racism that is no doubt a huge contributor to this problem.

But here’s the deal — racism is a mental thing.  You can’t legislate it out of existence.  You can’t change the way people think by holding hands around the campfire and singing Kumbayah.  What you can do is pass laws that encourage equality for all people, which is exactly what this country has been doing for 250 years.  And if you look at the big picture, it’s worked pretty well.  Remember that 250 years ago, this great nation of ours committed genocide against one entire race of people, and enslaved another entire race.  Look at where we are today — still a long ways from totally eliminating racism, but at the same time we’ve come a very long way from where we started out.  Point is that changing the way people think is a very long, slow process.  We will, hopefully, eventually get there.

But in the meantime, what do we do about all these senseless killings?  And that brings us right back to the one common item in all these tragedies — guns.

Here’s something else you rarely see discussed in the media these days — try putting yourself in the shoes of today’s police.  We live in the most gun violent society in the entire civilized world — by a factor of 25X.  Hell, there’s more gun violence today than there was back in the wild wild west.  So if you are a policeman and you get in a confrontation with a civilian what’s the first thing that is on your mind?  It has to be that this person is very likely to be carrying a gun, and your life could well be at risk.  That’s just plain old common sense.  If you are a cop, you have to be thinking you better be ready to shoot first or else you are likely to be killed.  That’s not being trigger happy, that’s just using common sense.

So here’s a thought — what happens if you take guns out of the equation?  All of a sudden an American cop is like all the other cops in all the other civilized countries — no reason to fear for their lives just because they are in a confrontation.  Odds of the person carrying a gun are almost non-existent.  So now the cop can go about his business without worrying about having to use his firearm.

Sure we’re still stuck with the problem of racial profiling and unequal treatment of citizens during confrontations.  That’s the racism problem that isn’t going away anytime soon. But at least now no one — black, white, whatever — is getting killed by police.  Isn’t that a huge improvement over where we are now?

The solution here is so obvious — you get rid of the guns, period.  Make it illegal to possess a gun in the city limits.  I defy you to give me one reason why anyone needs to possess a gun in any city in the 21st century.  That’s ludicrous.

And yet no one is even discussing this obvious answer to the problem.  Idiot Nation is just too damned stupid to see the obvious.